Meet the Fosters

Meet the Fosters

Our Story: In 2006 Jonathan dropped to one knee and asked Samantha to be his wife and the planning began.  We had a wonderful time planning our wedding but most of all we loved our photographer and soon to be mentor Agung with Seize the Day Photography.  Shortly after getting married Jonathan started working with Agung.  He loved every aspect of photography and weddings.  After a couple of years Agung had to move and we were at a point of transition.  Do we continue with our art and passion?  After alot of prayer we dove in to fulfill our dream!  We put our heart and souls into founding Jonathan Ivy Photography and have not looked back since.  Starting in Dallas and moving to Houston, we have found our home and are thankful for Christ’s blessings upon each and every part of our ever growing business!  Best decision we have ever made!  We live, breath, and eat Weddings and Photography and love it!  

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Meet Jonathan Ivy (as described by his Samantha)

Our fearless lead photographer, a self proclaimed geek who loves me (his wife), his 2 gorgeous daughters, his gadgets and his fedoras. He loves to use his camera to freeze moments in time. He loves to take life’s moments and turn them into art that will be around for more than a lifetime. Photography has always been a part of his life, I’m excited to say now that photography is our life and we want to share it with you. His goal is to build a relationship with every client so he can create distinctive works of art that are tailored to each of his couple’s desires. He is here to help you preserve one of the most memorable times of your life!

Meet Samantha Lauren: (as described by Jonathan)

My gorgeous wife and assistant. She loves her babies of all kinds: birth, fur and feather! She is the reason this business works. She is my foundation, backbone, organizer, support and love. She is a habitual presence in our office and behind the scenes. Look for her gracing the studio and behind the e-mail and phone making sure everything falls perfectly into place.

Huge Thank you

Huge Thank You from Jon & Sam: We give our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the glory for providing both the talents we possess and the opportunity to share them with other. We thank Him constantly for bringing us to each other and to the beautiful art of photography so that we can better serve Him and you. All our achievements in the past, now and to come are because of Christ alone. We also want to thank both of our families, especially our parents for endless support as we stepped into this area in our lives. It’s been almost 10 years we have been in business and we thank them for their constant babysitting, flexibility and advice. Thank you for training us how to serve others and for always being examples in this. We love yall!