We were so honored this sweet couple asked us to take pre-deployment photos of the two of them. He proudly serves in the US Military and we can not even begin to thank him enough for dedicating his time and talents so that we can live freely and safely here. His beautiful wife is a constant support system for him here back in the states. A HUGE Thank You to you both for all the sacrifices you have made and will make. We can never begin to repay you and hope that these photos help remind each one of you that you are loved and supported through this time.

MIlitary Engagement Photos
02 Military photos before deployment.jpg
03 man in a military suit.jpg

They make our job pretty easy as you can see!  Love is easy to capture!
04 Houston Engagement Photographer.jpg
05 Engagement Photos.jpg
06 Houston Photographer.jpg

Military Themed Engagement Photos
Military Themed Engagement Photos
08 man in the military.jpg
09 couple with their dogs.jpg
10 photographer who allow pets.jpg
11 Houston Wedding Photographer.jpg
12 Wedding Photographer in Houston.jpg

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