OH MY GOODNESS YALL!  I can’t believe the day is here that I am writing this.  After weeks of planning, hurdle jumping, and creativity stretching it’s here.  A styled shoot that we have worked on is not only finished, it wrapped up in great style!

January 2018 Jonathan Ivy challenged me, Samantha, to design an inspirational photo shoot so I went to work.  Quickly I fell in love with the idea of a bride with a llama.  I fully planned an entire shoot the it rained out.  So I replanned the shoot and after an unfortunate sequence of events I not only had to swap the date again, I had to swap out several vendors.  At this point I was at tears, I knew this would be beautiful and just needed to the patient.  Well, I was right, after the 2nd reschedule everything just started falling into place and I ended up with even better vendors than before.  Day of the shoot arrives and it starts raining.  Ahhhhh!  BUT we decided to push through anyhow and I am so glad we did because we got this.San Antonio Weddings Magazine Photographer

Lost Mission Bridal Photos

Oh yes, that is the COVER of San Antonio Weddings Magazine!  Plus there is a multi page feature inside the mag.  Yay!  Without a doubt none of this would have been possible if I didn’t have the team I had.  I want to give a huge Thank You to the following amazing San Antonio Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Lost Mission
Model: Christine with Barely Blonde
MakeUp & Hair: Jax with Jax Studios  & Morgan Moncibais
Want to see a few of the photos inside the mag and that are exclusive to us?  Scroll down below and enjoy our Lost Mission Bridal with Llama styled shoot!

Lost Mission Bridal with Llama Bridals at Lost Missions Lost Mission Bridal with LlamaSan Antonio Wedding PhotographerAlamo Plants and Petals

Bright Colorful Floral Hairpiece Orange Purple Pink

Lost Mission Wedding PhotosA little behind-the-scenes info.  This llama’s name is Fancy Pants which is very appropriate.  Fancy Pants fell in love with our model Christine with Barely Blonde.  I’m pretty sure Fancy Pants felt they are kindred spirits and Christine did so good modeling and llama wrangling.  A big thank you to Leslie Lane Llamas in North San Antonio for sharing your babies with us.

More behind-the-scenes info…I had this wild idea of bright flowers and big hair pieces and Alamo Plants and Petals knocked it out of the park.  All of the flowers were a stunningly perfect and I am convinced a huge reason this shoot has seen the success it has.  They delivered our big hair piece over to the amazing Jax Studio, San Antonio Makeup Artist for installation LOL.  That hair piece gave us a bit of trouble and after working all day in her studio Jax went to pick up her kiddos when we had a hair crisis.  Yall, she drove up to the venue and stayed on site to not only fix the amazing hair piece but to ensure it stayed perfect the whole time!
Our model Christine, on her own time went and picked out all the jewelry you see here to feature in the photo shoot.  Plus she gave up an entire day to go through hair, makeup, a bit of a drive + modeling all for this shoot.
Bride in heart sunglasses Llama in floral head piece Bride with a Llama San Antonio Wedding Photographer Diamonds Direct Engagement Rings
Large Floral Piece in Brides Hair
And let me tell you about Olivia Grace!  They let us come in before the shoot to do a full fitting and choose not 1 but 2 gowns to feature.  Then mid way through planning helped me change 1 of the gowns because I was unsure LOL.  Then they delivered both gowns to the shoot and stayed on site to help us take them off and on and to spread the trains and more.  Also remember above where I said it started raining, their chill and super accommodating spirit literally made this shoot.  Both gowns we photographed in were unbelievablely gorgeous!  Also a shout out to Lost Missions who not only let us play at the venue all evening, they welcomed us with open arms very last minute.  It made for the perfect setting for my Lost Mission Bridal with Llama.
San Antonio Llama at Wedding
And a few of you might be wondering, “Who is The Pink Envelope”?  That is me, well the other side of me 🙂  I, Samantha, am a Texas blogger.  So swing by and see some of my ramblings, follow me on Instagram @thepinkenvelope to see the latest in Mompreneur tips, Fashion, Traveling Texas, Subscription Boxes and more.  We talk about how to live well as a working mom!  And in our spare time plan shoots like this one, the Lost Mission Bridal with Llama.
San Antonio Weddings Magazine Photographer


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