Can I tell you how much I ADORE this photo shoot and this couple!  Doug was so interactive throughout the entire photo shoot which doesn’t happen often with grooms.  He was tossing out ideas and loving on his girl the entire time.  When we arrived we found out that Shelley drove a yellow Mini Cooper….LOVE!!!  I mean seriously, she stole my heart with her car.  So, being the Mini Cooper loving people that we are we had them start things with a photo in front of the adorable car.

Mini Cooper Engagement Photo

About a week after we did this photo shoot together we got an e-mail from Shelley, someone hit her driving down the road and totaled her Mini.  Can you believe it?  We are so glad now that we did a few shots in front of her beautiful car.  Once again bringing back to a point I feel like I’m trying to make over and over.  There can’t be a price placed on a photo.  A photographer is one of the most important parts of your event/wedding.  Your photos and videos are the only thing outside your significant other that last to show off your beautiful day or in this case, a fun 2 hours.

Engagements at home

While out on this photo shoot I found some old wood in the trash that the house next door had ripped out from their floors and walls.  Mind you these houses are in the historical district of Dallas so all the wood is original to the home.  I was so excited!  We gathered it up and brought it home.  You can see some of it here as the background for Emma’s photo shoot.  I want to use it in the house somewhere, probably on our stares.  Ok, I digress…back to this awesome shoot…

Houston Engagement Photographer

Houston Wedding Photographer

Aren’t they adorable?!  I think these two could have fun anywhere at anytime!

White Rock Engagement

Old Camera in Photo Shoot

I swear I have never seen Whiterock Lake look so good!

Cute Couple Engagement

Outdoor Rustic Engagements

Isn’t this an awesome camera?  Jonathan is super jealous of Shelley’s Rolleiflex.  It even works, as can be seen above.  So cool!  Shelley is a photographer for Fossil (how cool is that?) so she has a fun collection of camera and of course purses, watches, belts, wallets, cuffs and more.  I’m jealous of her really!

Rustic Frame Engagement Photo

Engagement Photo with frame

Engagement with guitar

We went out for a bit while Doug serenaded  Shelley during a beautiful sunset.  Isn’t life beautiful!

Sunset Engagement Photos

Please click here to view their engagement shoot.

Dallas wedding photographer

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