What to wear for engagement photos guys men

Engagement outfits for men are not as hard to put together as you would think.  Take a look at this classic guide for guys engagement outfit ideas and what to wear for mens engagement photos.

Engagement Outfits for Men

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The Blazer

Don’t fear the blazer.  This simple addition will make your comfortable tshirt into a dressy outfit.  Its an easy way to make any outfit dressy and casual.  Make sure that your shirt is relatively free of patterns and distracting words.  In general its a good idea to have no logos or words on any clothing for an engagement shoot.

Mens Blazer for Engagement Photos

The Vest

I am a personal fan of the Vest, I usually wear this without a jacket but it can be worn under a jacket with a tie or a bowtie. Vests are great because they add style to your outfit and slim you down. A vest can be a simple black or gray vest or it can be a style statement with a pattern or a bold color. Just make sure you pick a color and pattern that suits your style.

The Vest

The Oxford

The mens button down shirt is always a classic look.  This is what I would consider a modern casual look.  Wearing this paired with a nice pair of jeans or some corduroys will give you a well dressed look.  Make sure that everything fits, the oxford shirts can be too baggy or too tight, just make sure that it fits for you.

Button Down shirt for engagement photos

The Polo

A good summer look that is still cool but smart is the polo shirt.  The main rules still apply with the polo, you need a good solid color or non distracting pattern.  The polo looks great in bold colors so go outside your comfort zone a little and try a brighter tone than you would normally go to.  The polo can be worn with shorts and pants.  Avoid polos with large logos or graphics.

Polo Shirt for Engagement Photos

The Pant

You really have endless options in this area and its very hard to go wrong.  The most important thing for guys is fit and comfort.  If our clothes don’t fit we look disheveled and if we are uncomfortable we are unhappy, both options result in a bad look.  Your pants can be something like a good pair of jeans that go with anything or a loud color that makes your look bold.  Just pick something that you like and are comfortable with, you want to be confident to look confident.

White Chino Pants Mens Engagement Photo Outfits
Gray Pants for mens outfit for engagement photos
Denim jeans for engagement photo outfits for men
bright colored pants for mens engagement outfit ideas
Male wardrobe for engagement photos

Seek Professional Help

If you are totally lost on engagement outfits for men and just want to give this over to a professional I suggest you use Trunk Club or Stitch Fix Mens.  They will assign you a personal stylist that will pick out your clothes, ship them to your door, you try them on, if you like them you keep them, if you don’t you ship them back for free.  Its that easy.  The best part is that you know the clothes they send your are always going to be in style, its their job!  Give them a try, you can’t regret it.

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