I have to say, Aggie Weddings are some of the craziest, loudest and most fun weddings we encounter and this one was no exception.  Just glance at any photo of theirs and there is no doubt that each person was having a blast.  I also think that this was one of the most colorful weddings we have seen.  All the colors were beautiful and added such a spark of life to everything!  I once again broke Jonathan’s ‘no more than 20 images’ rule with this post.  There were just too many awesome photos not to share.  So kick back and relax and enjoy this beautiful Aggie Wedding!

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Houston Wedding Photographer

Getting ready photos

Wedding Photographer in Houston

reflection in a mirror

Luxury Wedding Photographer in Houston

This couple did a First Touch…they were both blindfolded and brought together to talk for a bit and hold hands before walking down the aisle.  It was a fun way for them to visit and have some personal time without the groom seeing the bride before the walk down the aisle.  Arn’t they cute?

First Sight

First look

Unique Aisle Markers

Bride walking down the aisle

Aggie Wedding

St Joseph Catholic Church is in Richardson, Tx and it is a beautiful church!

Beautiful chapel

Black and White Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos in Black and White

Aggie Bride

After the ceremony we had a couple of hours to go out and take photos.  What I have below is just a very small taste of the many amazing photos this couple received.  I know that not everyone can afford to give this much time but I can say the difference in 10 minutes and even 30 minutes can change everything.  So if you enjoy the following photos, I highly recommend teaming with your photographer and planning a 30 minute couple’s session pre or post ceremony, basically whenever the lighting is best!

Beautiful photos of newlyweds

Bride carrying a bright bouquet

These beautiful photos were taken at the McKinney Cotton Mill.

McKinney Cotton Mill Wedding

Full wedding Party photos

McKinney Cotton Mill Reception

Ring photo at wedding

First Dance

First Dance at Wedding Reception

Reception decor

Bridesmaids in purple gowns

Cake cutting at a reception

cake cutting

Bride and Groom with red sports car

Cool couples photos

dance party at wedding reception

Below is the adorable sister of the bride who was married just a couple of months before.  Aren’t they so cute?!

Beautiful wedding at McKinney Cotton Mill

Aggie War Hymn at Reception

Sparker exit

Love spelled in sparklers

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Church: St Joseph Catholic Church in Richardson, TX / Reception: McKinney Cotton Mill / Coordinator: Weddings by Tina / Hair and Makeup: Carpe Diem Bride / Florals: Red Sole Events / Cakes: The Cake Guys / Gown: Blue by Enzoani from Bridal Boutique of Lewisville / Veil: David’s Bridal

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